Alcohol and You: How to Control and Stop Drinking - Lewis, David

Alcohol and You: How to Control and Stop Drinking

By Lewis, David

  • Release Date: 2018-08-04
  • Genre: Self Help
  • Size: 262.93 KB

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Everything you need to know to control or stop drinking alcohol – all in one book. This is practical, scientific advice that you can put to work in your own life right away. It doesn’t matter whether you want to reduce your drinking, stop drinking temporarily, or stop permanently, as this book will clarify which option is best for you.

The writer is a leading addiction therapist who has carried out thousands of hours face-to-face research with problem drinkers in health centers. This book explains the methods he has found that really work - not just in theory, but in the real world, with real people like you.

"Alcohol and You" provides essential reading, including:

* How to reduce and control your drinking.
* How to stop drinking temporarily or permanently.
* How to test and self-diagnose alcoholism instantly.
* How to build and sustain motivation.
* How to choose your method: reduction or detox.
* How to do safe alcohol detoxification without rehab.
* How to maintain alcohol recovery over time.
* Discover prescription drugs that stop alcohol cravings.
* Find out if going to Alcoholics Anonymous works.
* Find out which therapy is best: CBT, 12 Step, or Motivation Therapy.
* Find out if Mindfulness or Hypnotherapy work for alcohol reduction.
* Learn the signs, symptoms and definition of alcoholism, and how to reverse it.
* Discover the most reliable solution the author has used with thousands of drinkers.

Download your copy of “Alcohol and You” and stop problem drinking NOW!